Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It was too much to hope that all the people who abuse the  pedestrian zone in Brigg would make new year resolutions to change their ways.
The arrival of 2017 sees just as many motorists as ever driving through the so-called traffic-free town centre and just as many cyclists in there, too - often going at some speed.
We are pleased to report seeing five cyclists using Queen Street early one recent evening - outside the pedestrian area.
Sadly, they were not displaying any lights.
A minute or two earlier we had seen a car with lights but it was halfway down the paved part of Wrawby Street, heading towards the Market Place!
Maybe the authorities will be operating a new policy for the new year and put a stop to flagrant breaches of the rules.
In Brigg's defence, it's not as bad as Scunthorpe, where Oswald Road, in particular, is a pedestrian accident waiting to happen, due to the volume and speed of cyclists on the paths.
Yes, this is a very busy road. However, this is surely no excuse for riding on the path.
Back in the late 1960s no-one dared to ride on the footway as they knew the police - out on the beat - would take firm action, as they did on other cycling offences, even down to having a dud back light bulb or a missing bell on the handlebars. 
Brigg town centre is designed to be for shoppers to walk about in peace. They should not need to step aside for vehicles whose drivers have no rightful cause to be within the pedestrian zone.



An e-mail inquiry we received recently prompts Brigg Blog to give a reminder about the date of the forthcoming Briggensians' dinner.
It will be held on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at Elsham Golf Club (7pm).
The guest speaker will be Chris Moore, who attended Sir John Nelthorpe School from 1978 to 1985.
There's no news yet about applying for tickets, but it won't be long before applicatons are being accepted. 
The association represents ex-pupils and staff of SJN, Brigg Grammar, Brigg Girls' High and Brigg Sixth Form.
We didn't make last year's dinner but are planning to attend this time.

Pictured above: Enjoying the association's 2015 dinner at Elsham Golf Club.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


How come they don't re-route passenger trains through Brigg when there's a problem on the line between Sheffield, Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Cleethorpes?
This question came to mind again recently when there was a problem at Keadby, near Scunthorpe, which resulted in trains being cancelled.
Brigg line rail campaigner Paul Johnson suggested to Brigg Blog that "under the First TransPennine franchise,  diversion routes need to be examined."
He added: "Via Brigg would be one of these. A number of Cleethorpes crews know the route via Brigg, but services were cancelled instead of using the line."
The same issue arose when a big landslip near Doncaster a few years ago put the Doncaster-Scunthorpe route out of action for many weeks.
The current Saturdays-only passenger trains between Sheffield and Cleethorpes, via Brigg, use the original Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway mainline.
However, First TransPennine's Sheffield to Cleethorpes trains operate through Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Barnetby.
Freight trains are often re-routed along the Brigg line due to issues on the Scunthorpe route. 
You'd think they could do the same with passenger trains, perhaps with a connecting bus service from Brigg station to Scunthorpe.
However, things are more complex today.
Once there was just British Rail, with all its faults in many eyes, operating the tracks and running freight and passenger trains.
Now there's Network Rail looking after the infrastructure and a host of other companies moving people and goods about the country.
Read more about our railway station and passenger service by visiting Paul Johnson's Blog through this link...

ARCHIVE PICTURE ABOVE: A rarity spotted at Brigg station - a First TransPennine unit, but not recently. This scene could be seen more often if they re-routed Sheffield to Cleethorpes trains along the Brigg line when, for whatever reason, the Doncaster-Scunthorpe-Barnetby route is out of action.


Meal "club" nights are very much the forte of national pub chain Wetherspoon's, which operates the White Horse on Wrawby Street Brigg.
However, we note that the Lord Nelson Hotel, in the Market Place, has three meal nights of its own on offer each week.

  • Thursday: Pie Night, £6.95p including drink
  • Friday: Burger Night, £6.95p including drink
  • Saturday: Curry Night, £7.95p including drink.

There are full details on an A-board outside the entrance to the Nelson/Hardy's, including the drinks you can choose to go with your food.
Here's a link to the full list of club nights offered by J D Wetherspoon, including Mexican Mondays and Fish Fridays.
We've tried the "Spoons" Thursday Curry Night and were impressed with what you got for the price.


Former Brigg resident Cliff Turner, 91, emailed this picture to us from his home in New Zealand.
Brigg Blog followers may remember Gerhard Moerbe, from Scawby, who came to Brigg during the war as a PoW and stayed on.
He married Joan Allbones, who is on his right of the picture which was taken in the house of daughter Marlene in Cambridge, New Zealand; she is on Cliff Turner's left.  Cliff's wife Nancy is also in the group.
Marlene and husband John ran a successful cafe in Cambridge.
Brigg Blog recently finished serialising Cliff's memories of growing up in Brigg during the 1930s and 1940s, which were well received.
We remember a fascinating and enjoyable evening some years ago at the White Horse pub, in Brigg (pre-Wetherspoon's), when Gerhard looked back on his time at Pingley Camp.
This formed the centre-piece of a Brigg Amateur Social Historians monthly meeting which was took the form of a question-and-answer session, with a good deal of valued input from the audience. 
People who had lived in the camp after the war, while it was used as accommodation for farm workers, also attended.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Here's a timely reminder for Brigg households which get Tuesday collections from the bin crews from North Lincolnshire Council.
You need to put  the following out  by 7am on Tuesday, January 17 if you want the contents to go on the cart:

  • Green or black general waste wheelie-bin
  • Blue box containing newspapers
  • Dark green box containing cans and glass bottles
  • Textiles bag (if you have one).

The collection of brown bins containing garden waste will resume in Brigg on Tuesday, January 24.



Brigg rail line campaigner Paul Johnson took three pictures on Saturday  showing dog bins in close proximity on Station Road.
He  had read our recent post suggesting there's more dog mess about on Brigg paths and verges at present than there used to be - and should be!
"Incredibly, they are all within the first 250 yards," Paul says of the Station Road dog bins."
But he adds: "There are no rubbish bins on Station Road, despite a number of requests from our rail group."
Brigg Blog wouldn't criticise North Lincolnshire Council for providing so many dog bins in this location, knowing that the old railway station yard and nearby Holland Park are  very popular locations for dog-owners taking their pets on "walkies."
However, Paul makes a valid point about lack of rubbish bins to collect people's litter.
So perhaps the council will take the well-meaning rail campaigner's suggestiont onboard and install one or two without delay between its Hewson House offices and the railway station.
Or couldn't the doggie-do bins just have a sign affixed on the side saying  they can also be used for litter?
Dog mess and litter are not going to be recycled. So would it matter if they were deposited in the same bin?
A few sticker signs would not break the bank!
Read more about our railway station and passenger service by visiting Paul Johnson's Blog