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Brigg Blog was impressed with the consideration shown by a teenage cyclist on St Helen's Road. 
With the usual line-up of parked cars either side of the street, she realised she was holding up traffic as she pedalled slowly along and so pulled into the side of the road to let drivers past.
A few hours later we observed a group of cyclists in full racing kit on the A18 Scawby Road, heading for Brigg. There's a cycle lane available here but they were spread out into the road - 3 or 4, side by side - which meant following vehicles could not get past.
Didn't there used to be something in the Highway Code about riding not more than two abreast?
In this week's Scunthorpe Telegraph viewpoint section there's a strongly worded letter from a Brigg resident complaining about cyclists riding through the pedestrian area at speed. Brigg Blog has touched on that topic before.
As with many things in life, a little courtesy and consideration for others is all that's required. And that includes those who favour two-wheeled transport.


It will be the end of an era when the Brigg Music Club House Band plays its final gig.
This will be at the Britannia Inn on Saturday, June 13. Admission is free, so make a note of the date and  go along and enjoy the evening.
Current Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny is the guiding light of the club and the house band, as many Brigg Blog followers will know.



Throughout Foster Care Fortnight (1 to 14 June) the council is encouraging people to consider the rewards of fostering an older child and take their first steps towards making a difference.
The fostering service is focusing on recruiting more foster carers for teenagers by looking at the many positive aspects of caring for teenagers. 
There are many reasons why opening up your home to a teenager is a fantastic thing to do.  Here are just some of the reasons a teenager would say why you should consider caring for them:

  • Everyone deserves to be special to someone. 
  • We sleep through the night – often half of the morning as well! 
  • Every teenager deserves a loving family - to rebel against. 
  • We will keep you young at heart. 
  • You’ll never be bored. 
  • We’ll teach ‘u how 2 txt’. 
  • We’ll teach you how to use your computer. 
  • We need you to stick with us and guide us into adult life. 

Why wait any longer? You could be the person who makes a real difference to their life.

What do teenagers need from their foster carers?

  • Someone who will make them a part of their family 
  • Someone who has a good attitude about being a foster carer 
  • Someone who can help them learn to manage money and responsibilities 
  • Someone who shows they care about their feelings; is nice, respectful and loving 
  • Someone who sets rules but isn’t obsessive about them 
  • Someone who is a good listener 
  • If you could be all of these then becoming a foster carer could be your next rewarding challenge. 

The council has organised a number of information events where people can find out how to become a foster carer and what’s involved:
Monday 1 June at the Learning Development Centre, (Riddings Pool) Enderby Road, Scunthorpe from 10am to 2pm 
Tuesday 2 June at the councils Business Expo event being held at The Baths Hall from 10am to 4.30pm 
Thursday 4 June at Ashby Market from 9.30am to 4.30pm 
Saturday 6 June at Scunthorpe Market from 9.30am to 4.30pm 
Sunday 7 June at Messingham Show from 9.30am to 4pm 
Thursday 11 June at Brigg Market from 9.30am to 4.30pm 
Saturday 13 June at Scunthorpe Market from 9.30am to 4.30pm 
Sunday 14 June at Appleby Country Fayre from 11am to 5pm 
As part of Foster Care Fortnight the fostering services team will also focus on fostering siblings groups and be launching the Fostering Friendly Employers scheme. Keep an eye out for further information or contact the team on 01724 297024.
Annemarie Carlberg, service manager, fostering services team at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “We believe that family care is the best provision of alternative care for most children or young people who become looked after. We offer foster carers in North Lincolnshire a high level of support, an excellent training package, financial support and we have a very positive, supportive fostering community.
“Throughout Foster Care Fortnight we are planning to increase our campaigns and encourage more people to come forward as foster carers particularly for teenagers and siblings. We are continually recruiting foster carers but over the next couple of weeks there will be plenty of opportunities for people to find out more about fostering at our drop-in events.
“As well as focusing on recruiting foster carers for teenagers and siblings we are encouraging local businesses to become Fostering Friendly Employers. All types of fostering have challenges and rewards. Fostering teenagers is no different, they will test you just as your own children may have done. They will laugh with you, they want you to support them and be interested in their education, and they will love having you to plan their prom outfit with them. You may work with teenagers; you probably have experience of teenagers in your family and let’s not forget you were a teenager once! 
“Pick up the phone or go to one of the sessions, and be that person that you relied on when you were a teenager!”

Jackie Sanders, director at The Fostering Network, said: “As each year passes, we see more and more children coming into care. We need people who can open their heart, and their homes, to vulnerable children and young people who need support at a critical point in their young lives.
“A good foster carer will believe in the ambition of the children in their care in the same way they’d believe in the ambition of their own family members. A childhood is too short to waste, and foster carers can help those who haven’t had the best start begin to enjoy their life and grown into the adults that they want to be.”
For further information about fostering visit the council’s website: or call 01724 297024. 

Friday, May 29, 2015


From  Roberta Fulford

Please share this and also join us at the next Brigg Live Arts event - Folk Music on June 5th, 7.30pm, at The Angel Suite.
The Hut People will be taking the audience on a musical journey around the world, ably supported by local singers Clarty Slough.
Tickets are £10 in advance and £12 on the door - available from Brigg Tourist Information Centre or for more information and to reserve tickets tel: 01652 678771/658995/653217.
You can also reserve tickets by email. Please state your name, address, tel number and the number of tickets you require.


Brian Peeps, well-known North Lincolnshire history lover, receiving an award in 2011 at the Ancholme Leisure Centre.

North Lincolnshire Council is gearing up for the fourth Community Champion Awards to be held 26 November 2015 at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe.
Nominations open Monday 1 June. You can nominate at or contact Sport, Leisure and Culture for a nomination form.
Perhaps you know someone who deserves an award for the time they have dedicated to volunteering  or to recognise their personal achievement in overcoming barriers or excelling in a sport or the arts. 
Is there a community group that deserves recognition for its work in the local community? 
Or do you know someone who is a true inspiration to others?
Then get in touch and nominate them.
There’s a choice of 22 categories under four main areas: Achievement (eight categories); Volunteers (three categories); Community (seven categories), and Inspiration (four categories). Details of the categories are available at
Winners will receive a trophy and certificate; runner-up will receive a certificate – at an award ceremony later in the year. 
Coun John Briggs, cabinet member for Assets, Culture and Housing at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “There is an enormous sense of pride in these awards. They recognise the fantastic work achieved by many people. All too often, we don’t shout loud enough about our achievements and these awards ensure that people are rewarded for their incredible work they do.
“Nominations are now open and it is easy to nominate. If you know of anyone who deserves a pat on the back – whether it’s for a personal achievement, inspiration to others, work they have done to help their local community or volunteered their services for a good cause, please nominate them. After all that’s what these awards are all about.”
For more details about the awards contact Community Recreation on 01724 297270 or email:
N.F. adds: We went along to one of these award ceremonies a few years ago at Ancholme Leisure Centre, near Brigg, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some very worthy people were rewarded for their community spirit.


The Brigg Town Council election is now some way behind us and we think it's time to reflect on former councillors who are no longer on the authority.
Coun The Rev Alec Depledge did not seek re-election and retired. However, Couns John Kitwood, Jenny Bell, Lesley Whitehand, Jackie Brock, Andrew Markham, Chris Dyson and Edward Arnott put their names forward - all being unsuccessful when townsfolk when to the polls.
Their length of service vary but collectively add up to many, many years. Some have chaired Town Council committees and there are ex-Mayors among them.
Brigg Blog will miss seeing them all during meetings and reporting their comments. The twon should be grateful for the services they rendered to the community, in an unpaid capacity.
That being said, we are looking forward very much to covering meetings of today's Town Council with its influx of new members, some of whom we already knew . 
If you missed the election result, here's a link

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